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The veterinary diagnostic services at Marshfield Labs provide support to veterinary practitioners, researchers and meat processing facilities across the United States.  With a staff of 14 veterinary pathologists and over 50 technical personnel, the laboratory performs a wide array of diagnostic assays, including hematology, clinical chemistry, endocrinology, microbiology, serology, histopathology and cytology. 

The laboratory serves the entire range of practice types in veterinary medicine, ranging from the general small animal or large animal veterinarian to the specialists at referral and emergency hospitals, as well as the veterinarians specializing in exotic and zoo animals and aquarium species. The veterinary diagnostic services of Marshfield Clinic model the quality assurance programs established for the human diagnostic services and take part in rigorous state and national quality assurance and proficiency programs. 

The integration of the veterinary diagnostic services and the human diagnostic services enhances the breadth of scientific understanding and awareness of potential zoonotic disease problems and provides a format for scientific exchange and research.  Zoonotic diseases are becoming an increasingly important aspect of infectious disease medicine in both humans and animals. The majority of both emerging disease agents and agents of bioterrorism potential are zoonotic infectious disease organisms. The Marshfield Clinic, with expertise in both human and veterinary health as well as in food safety is uniquely positioned to address issues of emerging infectious disease and bioterrorism.

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