Marshfield Food Safety Support Services

Marshfield Food Safety, LLC, a service of Marshfield Clinic, is poised to offer access to an integrated system of food, animal and human laboratory testing and consultative services to the food industry.  This is the only food safety laboratory owned and operated by a health care institute, providing unique positioning for the Clinic and specialized services for clients interested in serving public health through safety of their products. Marshfield Food Safety, LLC has the capabilities to offer a full array of services providing a one stop shop for all food safety needs. 

Marshfield Labs

The veterinary diagnostic services at Marshfield Labs provide support to veterinary practitioners, researchers and meat processing facilities across the United States. 

Emergency Response Network

With experts in infectious disease, gastroenterology, veterinary diagnostics, food safety and others, Marshfield Clinic has the ability to capitalize on resources to form a rapid response network in answer to national issues. We have the resources to be recognized as the leader for emergency/emerging issues and mass outbreaks.

Synergistic Capabilities

Collective services at Marshfield Clinic give the Clinic’s physicians and scientists the capabilities to impact public health in a profound way through diagnosis of zoonotic diseases.

Data Management

Through our own electronic application (Qual.Linc coupled with QualTrax), we can provide web based data management services, assisting companies in testing, tracking and making decisions that will impact decisions regarding product and delivery, and population health.

Research and Development

In addition to the wide array of testing services we offer clients within the food and farming industries, we are quickly becoming a recognized laboratory for research efforts that encompass scientific development, and process and technology validation.

Food Testing Lab Accredited
to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

A2LA Accredited

Testing Certificate Numbers

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