Qual Linc Laboratory Information Management System

Marshfield Food Safety offers secure web-based data management service called Qual Linc.  Clients can be offered real time access to the status of samples. This management system enables us to provide our clients results for food safety testing and other food testing services.  This is one of the many features that enables Marshfield Food Safety to provide fast and reliable testing results.

The Qual.Linc information management platform allows for total process and document management, including electronic HACCP, document change and revision control, automated audit trail, automated procedural verification, and electronic GMP’s and GLP’s.  Qual.Linc is configured to provide maximum flexibility to support customer reporting, archiving and general data management requirements.

This Laboratory Information Management System is a fully web-based application which specializes in data collection for tests and measurements. Qual Linc is used for data collection for elements such as pathogen test samples tracking and results, temperature and weight measurements.

Reports can be sent by email as PDF and Excel attachments, or they can be transmitted by FTP through your portal.  Qual Linc integrates well with other software modules to mazimize control of quality processes and provide traceability.


 Flexible Data Capture

Qual Linc captures the information that is most important to you.  You may use Lot Codes to identify your samples, while another client  may prefer to use sample descriptions.


 Customer Portal

You have visibility to your samples.  We can provide users within your organization access to log into Qual Linc.  This allows you to check on your samples, do ad-hoc queries, and download Certificates of Analysis.  You can even enter samples directly into Qual Link from your plant or farm, allowing them to get into the analysis cue while they are in route to the lab.


 Get Results Your Way

Results are typically designated for distribution to email groups.  
Results can be sent by:

  • email
  • fax
  • postal mail
  • FTP

Yes, we can interface with your portal to FTP results directly to your servers, or open up a web servcie enabling you to download results programmatically.


 Customized Reporting

Reports can be distributed to you that facilitate your process management and/or may be part of your HACCP compliance plan.  Custom reports can be scheduled for daily delivery on a regular basis , or they can be triggered by events in the system, such as 3 positive results for a pathogen in a single day.  Reports can be provided to you that may be sorted by a field such as Sell By Date. 

Reports can be sent by email as PDF or Excel attachment, or they can be transmitted by FTP through your portal.

You will get the information that you want, how you want it, and when you want it. 

Samples of Data Reports from Qual Linc

13 Point E. coli Carcass Graph, with Line Plot


 Weekly Report Using a Bar Graph


Results Output to Excel Spreadsheet




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