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One of the many benefits that Marshfield Food Safety can provide is access to a central laboratory that serves as the reference lab for on-site facilities.  The reference lab located in Marshfield, WI performs extensive contracted validations of new technology and testing platforms with many manufacturers in the food testing industry.  Challenge studies are completed using live organisms and analytical methods are adapted for the changing landscape of food safety.  This knowledge allows us to aid our customers in making informed selections on the suitable methodologies for their needs.



Your new testing platform, or your new process can be vigorously evaluated by Marshfield Food Safety.  Proper planning and good experimental design will validate your system is working and ready for commercial use.  Record keeping and reporting will enable you to document the success for efficient communication to the end users, as well as the regulatory authority having jurisdiction.

Sample study for a validated and proven technology which is FSIS compliant and A2LA accredited.

Validation Study has been completed to show Atlas STEC EG2 Combo Detection Assay for Big Six Non-O157 Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in Ground Beef, Beef Trim, and Frozen Beef (FTB).



Marshfield Food Safety provides risk management consulting services to a broad range of food processing, manufacturing and distribution operations. Our experienced staff can help you develop or review your procedures and programs by providing technical expertise on GMP’s, SSOP’s and HACCP programs.

We can perform third party audits of your company to provide to your clients or customers, as well as audits to confirm whether each location that carries your brand is following the same procedures on products. Our technical staff is skilled in providing a new perspective to identifying sources of contamination, should a problem arise.

If your company is experiencing quality or safety concerns we can do process mapping and help find a solution to the problem. We can also use process mapping to verify if prevention steps are actually working within your system. 

We offer the following:
•Assistance in development, implementation and evaluation of HACCP programs

•Creation of programs and services to comply with new FSIS and USDA directives

•Development of sampling protocols

•Education on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

•Environmental monitoring and associated trending analysis

•Establishment of practical approaches to resolve and prevent microbiological food contamination

•Interface with regulatory agenceis and trade associations

•Process mapping and engineering

•Product recall design plan

•Quality systems design, development, implementation and maintenance

Food Testing Lab Accredited
to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

A2LA Accredited

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