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Marshfield Food Safety provides everything you need to meet Federal regulations governing testing for E.coli bacteria in meat processing houses. E.coli testing is a response to dramatic cases in recent years in which people became seriously ill - and some even died - after eating meat contaminated with high levels of E.coli bacteria. The Federally-regulated Pathogen Reduction Program is designed to help food processing houses with slaughtering operations ensure they follow process to ensure the meat they produce is as safe a product as possible.
Testing Needs to be Uniform
Uniform guidelines were developed so carcasses within the same processing house and in different establishments are sampled and analyzed in the same manner. That is the only way that results will offer a useful measurement of how meatpacking processes are followed throughout the nation.
Federal regulations enacted in 1998 allow for template testing on chickens and turkeys (vs. wash sampling). In addition to bovine and porcine carcass testing, regulations also require operations that specialize in other carcass types (i.e. sheep, goat, etc.) to fulfill the 13-week testing protocol.
Should samples have excessive levels of E.coli bacteria, a processing house must review its procedures for handling meat and discover the cause, if possible, to prevent recurrence.
Marshfield Food Safety’s complete package offers the most convenience. Instead of searching for testing materials and worrying about transportation, let Marshfield Food Safety help you. Our convenient E.coli carcass testing packages include everything from collection supplies to packaging materials to prepaid overnight shipping. We also include the ice packs! All at competitive rates to help keep your business costs as low as possible.

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