Marshfield Food Safety, LLC Quality Assurance

One of the greatest needs in food safety testing is rapid turn-around time. Faster sample pickup and delivery. Faster processing. Faster results. Still, quality control is the cornerstone of scientific success. You need testing to be accurate.

Marshfield Food Safety assures quality by running positive and negative control samples with every test sample. For example, when a sample is submitted for Salmonella testing, a positive control sample containing cultured Salmonella and a negative control sample are analyzed at the same time to quality assure the testing method is functioning properly. Environmental data, including temperatures of the samples and incubators, are recorded throughout the testing process.

 Another aspect of quality control is chain-of-custody - a record of what happens to the sample after it arrives at the laboratory. Samples are bar-coded upon receipt, which ensures security, integrity, and identity for each sample. Bar coding also eliminates data-entry mistakes such as transposed numbers. Results are delivered to you under strictest confidentiality.

Food Testing Lab Accredited
to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

A2LA Accredited

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