Marshfield Food Safety Lab Locations

Marshfield Food Safety Locations 

On-Site Point of Testing

Marshfield Food Safety specializes in providing customized, on-site process control laboratory services for food processing operations. Our facilities provide 24-hour a day, 7-day a week services and testing methodologies specifically tailored to customer needs. By positioning laboratory services on-site, or very near "point of use", our customers can significantly reduce cost by decreasing process delay associated with waiting for analytical results.  With support services located throughout the nation, we are continually assessing the landscapes and needs of our clients. We can easily and quickly respond to needs.

Courier Service
Marshfield Food Safety provides customized sample courier services to accommodate regional customers relative to onsite locations, with multiple daily sample pick-ups per week. Regional services are coordinated through a single management position to facilitate efficient, cost effective, and reliable sample transport.

Food Testing Lab Accredited
to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

A2LA Accredited

Testing Certificate Numbers

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