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Marshfield Food Safety offers high quality food safety testing with minimal turnaround time having experts who can evaluate your facility and production process for areas that may contribute to food safety problems. 

For 100 years, Marshfield Clinic physicians and scientists have addressed public health issues. Working in concert with more than 740 physicians and scientists at Marshfield Clinic, Food Safety, in conjunction with the human and veterinary laboratories, has the potential to help improve food safety every step along the food chain - from farm to table. 

This unique combination of physicians and scientists enables the study of health-related issues that cross between animals and humans. Doctors specializing in infectious disease, gastroenterology and many sub-specialties are readily available to discuss issues related to diagnosis and treatment of food-borne illnesses...

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Marshfield Food Safety, LLC continues to provide our client base with full service microbiological and process control chemistry support.

Staff Credentials

Marshfield Food Safety has the expertise of food safety, animal science and human medical professionals with renowned backgrounds, in addition to specialists in laboratory services and IT infrastructure.

Quality Assurance

One of the greatest needs in food safety testing is rapid turn-around time. Faster sample pickup and delivery. Faster processing. Faster results. Still, quality control is the cornerstone of scientific success. You need testing to be accurate.

Marshfield Clinic Applied Sciences

Commercial Business Development at Marshfield Clinic is segmented through the Applied Sciences Division, designed to target opportunity for non-patient revenue in areas that are relevant to health and human services.

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